Volunteering with the ESSC

We need volunteers to make this a successful program. Non-skiing volunteers are just as important to the program as those that ski or ride. Volunteer clinics are offered by the ESSC at no charge to those wishing to participate. If you are willing to volunteer, please contact your school rep for more information. Important dates are shown on our ESSC calendar. Volunteering is a fun way to meet the children of our valley, and others with an interest in our children and winter sports.


  • Pre-Season Clinic

    Attendance at your schools’ pre-season volunteer meeting/clinic. This is an indoor session that must be attended by all volunteers. It is Junior Program 101!

  • Background Check

    Complete ESSC Registration and Liability Release Form and Complete a NH Criminal Background Check – required by SAU 9 and SAU 13 for all school volunteers. The background check procedure will be covered at the pre season meetings.

  • Attend On-Snow Clinic

    Attend one on snow clinic offered at the ski area your school attends. Dates will be available at the meeting.

  • Weekly Commitment

    Be able to make the weekly commitment – your group looks forward to seeing you and not a substitute each week. Each season 350+ volunteers are needed to successful run the program. We are looking for skiers, both nordic and alpine, snow boarders and even a few non skiers to assist this season. You do not have to be an expert skier or rider to participate and have fun with the children. Plan to attend the pre-season meeting and learn more about this great program that allows all valley children the opportunity to learn to slide.

  • Complete All Requirements

    You must complete the all requirements in order to be a volunteer for the season.  If you are unable to attend the pre season meeting for your school, please contact your school rep (listed in this newsletter) and you may attend another schools’ session.

ESSC Volunteer Perks:

  • Ski

    You are able to ski or ride on the morning you teach for free.

  • Get a Volunteer Pass

    Upon completing the volunteer requirements you will receive a volunteer pass. This mid week card allows you to ski or ride at local mountains and cross country centers twice during the season.

  • Improvement

    Your skills and understanding will increase with your attendance at the on snow clinics. You must attend one but welcomed to participant at many.

NH Criminal Background Check

NH Criminal Background Check can take as long as 4 weeks to complete. Please begin this step early in the process! Packets can be obtained at SAU 9 & 13 office for all school volunteers under these SAU districts. Charter School Volunteers must contact their school for information. Click for more details…

School Representatives

John Fuller: Jackie Dziedzic & Stacey Burke

Conway El: Darcy Kane

Pine Tree: Jessica Whitelaw & Leah Kelsch

Bartlett: Linda Coffey & Vance Pickering

JacksonNeil Stokes

Madison: Brenda O’Brien

Freedom: Kim Stephen & Susan Wade

Tamworth: Kathi Brown

Waldorf: Michael Baptista

Robert Frost: Rebekah Bushey & Roxy Kupetz